Pet Photography

If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.

James Herriot

Pets are often loved more than humans and given their unconditional loving nature and 100% honesty this is not a surprise.
As an animal lover, and having owned pets myself when I was a kid, I understand how your special companions are important to you. As a photographer, my goal is to capture your friends’ personality at their best and frame precious memories, while making them feel comfortable and even letting them have fun with their favourite toy or enjoy a treat.

I offer professional portrait services in natural light and environmental conditions. Whether this can be your own home, the park, a beach or your pet favourite location, it is your choice. I am happy to follow.

I tend not to do posing pictures unless your pet is prone and happy to do so. If you also have your own ideas or have any specific requirements, please let me know and I will do my best to turn them into a picture.  You are also very welcome to be part of the portrait session.


The price for a photography session is 125£, of which a 50£ non-refundable booking fee needs to be paid at the time of booking, and includes the following:

  • Up to 2 hours shooting session
  • Travel to 1 location, within 15 miles of Bournemouth
  • Personalised gallery, to view and download images
  • Up to 15 full resolution images for download

Additional downloads can be purchased separately, at a cost of 5.00£ per picture.

How the photoshoot session works

  1. After booking, we will have a pre-shooting chat over the phone to discuss any ideas, locations, etc. I will also ask you some specific questions about your pet such as favourite hideouts, toys or if he/she is keen to posing or feels nervous with new people around etc. to plan the session in advance. This will be also your chance to propose any ideas, although we can still discuss more on the day if others come into your mind after the phone call.
  2. On the day, before the actual shooting session, I will check the location for light conditions and good spots. Also, I will spend some time letting the pet become familiar with me and my equipment and ensuring he/she is at ease. If flash is to be used, I will fire it a couple of times to check the pet reaction. We will proceed the shooting only and when the pet is relaxed and comfortable.
  3. After the shooting session, the pictures will be ready for online review within a week, although I tend to start to edit them straight away and so they could be available within a few days.
  4. You will receive a personalised login and password for the client area, where you will be able to access the gallery.
  5. I will then make contact again to know what pictures you prefer from the gallery and create a folder for download.