Lens Artist Photo Challenge – Angles

Bournemouth Pier

My chosen subject for the photo challenge is the Bournemouth Pier. Coming to think of it, it is one of the subjects I have photographed the most since I moved to Dorset about 4 years ago.

No matter the season, no matter the angle or time of the day, it always captures my eyes and ends up being on my frame.

A brief History of the Pier

Bournemouth Pier was firstly created in 1855 and took the form of a wooden jetty 100 ft long. The full version (1000ft long) was later completed in 1961 and then replaced by an iron version, designed by Eugene Birch on 1880, at a cost of 21,300£ (back then…a fortune!).

The Pier is of Victorian style and was used for anti-invasion measures in 1940. It was later re-opened in 1946 and reconstructed in 1950. It’s development continued to include a two-storey, octagonal entrance building/leisure complex and facilities including shops, kiosks, an amusement arcade, a show-bar and a multi-purpose hall.

It also hosted the historic Bournemouth Pier Theatre until 2013, when it was closed to be converted into an adventure sports attraction, complete with surf training wave, climbing walls and high ropes courses….not without protests from the National Pier Society.

Today the Pier hosts the world’s first Pier-to-Shore wire zip, together with a an amusement centre with climbing wall, restaurants, bars and outside area for kid’s entertainment.

10 thoughts on “Lens Artist Photo Challenge – Angles”

  1. Exquisitely photographed – from all angles, and day and night shots as well. So glad you chose to feature this beauty here at LA too! It is impossible to pick a favorite though – I think I understand why the pier occupies a big part of your photography heart.
    An interesting history adds to the story – but it’s a pity about the theater closing down to become an adventure sports arena. I guess times are changing…


    1. Thank you Leya.
      I was sorry to hear about the theatre too, it all happened before I moved down but I guess nowadays it is all about attracting tourists and money.
      Fair enough, it is still a lovely and iconic part of Bournemouth.
      My pleasure in posting my work on LA. I look forward to more challenges! 🙂


      1. And we are looking forward to it!
        I checked on your site – and found you are a portrait man as well – had you been in the neighbourhood, I would have engaged you for my two dogs. Lovely portraits!


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